A Community Project

Asheville Good Neighbors is an opportunity to create lasting change for people experiencing homelessness, improve the success rate of those looking to resolve circumstances that led to homelessness, and to promote love and connection among all community members in Asheville!

Creating Love and Connection

Lockers and Mailboxes

Having a safe place to store items near encampments or gathering areas is important for people who are seeking housing and/or support programs.

Gym Membership

We would like to give the gift of showers, safe restrooms and WiFi, which are all part of having a gym membership, to as many people as we can in Asheville 

Good Neighbor Event

Brightening up Asheville with this shared community event for people experiencing homelessness and those who want to make a difference.

Our Information Session Video

Contribute Your Way:

Many different kinds of support will make our efforts successful. Which of the following is right for you?

Event Support

Food Donation

Supplies Giveaway

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Corporate Sponsorship

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Mailbox and Locker Partners