Lockers and Mailboxes


Our research has revealed that people experiencing homelessness often try to become enrolled in programs to help them, or get connected with a case worker, but they have challenges staying on track. While it’s easy to obtain a cell phone, very frequently the phones are stolen. One case worker told us even if a person puts the phone in an inside pocket, as soon as they fall asleep, someone will steal it. The same is true for any valuable items. For legal documentation and paperwork, it can be stolen or get wet or damaged outdoors. Having a safe place to store items that is near encampments or gathering areas is important for people who are seeking housing and/or support programs. Imagine making a note on your phone with a case number and an appointment time, and then having your phone stolen!


People experiencing homelessness often have a difficult time obtaining and keeping legal identification and documents. Many of us take for granted that our license plate renewals will be mailed to our home, and that we have a utility bill in our name when asked for proof of our address. These are common stumbling blocks for people without a permanent address. We are seeking to partner with decentralized sites to install banks of legitimate locking mailboxes with permanent addresses that can receive US Postal Service mail and can be assigned to people experiencing homelessness.