Who We Are

Our Vision

We (the 55th Masterful Living Team of the ReDesign Training Program) are committed to creating a world that is COURAGEOUS, LOVING, HARMONIOUS and COMPASSIONATE.

ReDesign Training is a powerful leadership program based in Charlotte. Our Team of 11 Leaders are creating personal breakthroughs by taking on a group project together.
We are committed to making a difference for people experiencing homelessness in Asheville, NC.

Lockers and Mailboxes

To make a lasting impact on those seeking to be housed, we are creating partnerships to provide mailboxes for people to receive mail, so they can apply for programs, restore their legal documents, etc. For those living on the land, we recognize the importance of people able to safely store important items and will build decentralized banks of lockers.

Gym Memberships

To support people experiencing homelessness with a variety of needs including showers, restrooms, WiFi, health and wellness equipment and a social network, we will fund gym memberships for a number of Asheville people who are currently unhoused.

Good Neighbor Event

To spread love and connection, we will host a large-scale event for the community, inviting the homeless community to eat, receive supplies, participate in activities, make music, sell crafts, and share themselves with others in the Asheville community.

Give $10 or be a $10,000 Sponsor!

We are grateful to have individual donors and corporate sponsors! We also have non-financial ways to engage, including collecting supplies and writing loving and encouraging letters to individuals in the homeless community.

Sponsorship Levels: Be a "Good Neighbor"!

Sponsor one of Our Key Initiatives:

For a specific item below, you can make a real difference!


Annual Gym Membership gives an individual who is living out of their car the opportunity to stay employed and move forward in life by having access to showers, safe restrooms and WiFi all year. Reliable showers can mean the difference between keeping or losing a job. A gym membership also provides a healthy environment and human connection.


A secure locker in a supervised space such as a homeless shelter or public library will allow a person experiencing homelessness to sleep or travel to appointments without bringing everything with them or risking theft of important possessions and legal documents. This amount covers one unit in a small bank of six ventilated lockers with built in locks and a master key that can be used to override the lock.


USPS Approved Mailboxes
A real address makes a huge difference for a person who can get mail to receive legal documents, apply for government programs, health insurance, jobs and more. One of the huge barriers that comes with homelessness is not having an address.
Create a group of 20 friends or colleagues to sponsors a full bank of mailboxes for installation! ($2,000)